SUYA  (pronounced sooya) shish Kebab originated from nomadic people of northern Nigeria.

It later became quite popular in the western region of Africa. In Nigeria, Suya is served as street food. where local vendors prepare it as  to-go, food wrapped in newspaper. It can safely be called Nigeria’s national dish.

They are shish Kebab delicacy marinated in special blend of spices, including peanut spice rub, then skewered and slow cooked over hot charcoal fire or grilled.

Suya an African shish kebabs  consist of roasted meat coated with a peanuty traditional spices.

The thin sliced meat- more often beef (can be made with chicken, goat or fish, even guizzard meat) is slow-cooked over open fire and served with fresh onion, tomato and maybe more suya spices. Suya Spice consists of grounded peanut cakes and a special blend of hot chiles, garlic, ginger and more. Each vendor  has his own secret spice mixture. Some common spices can include dry ginger, onion powder, garlic powder, paprika

The difference between suya and other grilled meats is in the spice; the peanutty crunchy taste of the yaji with the spice blends with the juiciness of the meat; that is suya.

We have brought you this delicacy and can be made at home. Wow your friends and family with this sumptuous snack or starter. Can be made with chicken; beef; lamb; king prawn and vegetable .

Food type:- snack

Preparation=  25 minutes  cooking time – 25minutes. Total time 50minutes

Author – Rebecca  For Africanpot


Beef sirloin 1 KG- cut thinly against the thread


1 CUP Suya spice  ( you can get this from African stores online).  However, watch out for my recipe for homemade suya spice!


Paprika – 2 TBS, to give extra redness

3  tsps chile flakes( according to taste)y

1tsp grounded cayenne chili – according to taste

SALT- 1-2 tsp of kosher salt

1 beef cube

LIME JUICE – 1TBSP to help in tenderizing ( optional)

OIL – 4 TBS  – to give a moist rub and easy to spread.

Serve with:

fresh slices of red onion

chunks of tomato

extra dry suya spice


Freeze your meat for about 1hour or until it’s a bit frozen to make it firm and easy to slice. Cut beef in thin slices…making sure to cut against the grain.


Season the beef with some sea salt.

Mix half  the suya spice with the other ingredients and oil to make a nice paste

Rub in the paste onto the beef slices making sure all side are well coated with the rub. Let the coated beef marinate for a few hours or even better overnight.

Now coat the marinated beef slices in the left over dry suya spices – making sure every slice is well coated. Add the coated marinated beef on kebab skewers.  Pre heat the grill on high.  Oil the grill  plate to prevent the suya sticking to it. Lay the skewers on the grill making sure you lay your skewers with the overhanging meat flat on the grill and reduce the heat to medium

Grill, turning sides at intervals and sprinkling with oil to prevent drying out until both sides are well browned and ready.  The meat does cook rather quickly as it is quite thin.

Serve the suya meat with extra dry spice, fresh slices of red onion and chunks of tomato, sweet peppers….  And with and side of choice such as boiled sweet corn or coconut rice or fried plantain. Check out my recipes for these