Hello, I’m Rebecca and Welcome to my food blog AfricanPot
Creating a taste for life

I am a Practicing medical doctor

  • A Privileged mother of four hungry mouths who have grown up to be my food critics and now tell me what to do in other things of life- as tables have turned
  • A Cookbook-collector, loves to dance, listen to music and Travel
  • A recipe creator and developer, inventing new dishes
  • The person that likes to put a spin to an old favourite while preserving the unique taste
  • That person with unquenchable passion for cooking for which I am extremely thankful

My love for cooking spans over fifty years when from a tender age of eight I was so eager to help in the kitchen. Fifty years on I am still so eager to help family, friends and colleagues to cook for their celebrations.

Being a professional with a busy life style, it sometimes means that I did not have time to cook some of these delicious meals that takes long to make in the traditional way. I have therefore alongside the tradition ways, developed over the years creative and innovative ways of making these great meals quick, easy and tasty. I also developed ways in using the traditional ingredients as well as modern kitchen gadgets in creating new recipes. I hope to share these secrets with you.

Through this avenue, I hope to be able to show that no matter your lifestyle, be it a busy Mum, professional, entrepreneur and whatever it may be, you can enjoy good fresh exotic meals made quick and easy in your own Kitchen.

The total number of independent states in Africa is 54 and there is a total of 25 countries in the Caribbean. Even though there may be some similarities, each of these countries have their distinct cuisines and food culture. Nigeria alone has six major food culture.

African and Caribbean cuisines are as tantalizing and nutritious as foods from anywhere else in the world. The cuisines are vibrantly colourful, bold, rich, full of flavour and very tasty.

As beautiful as African and Caribbean food is, the methodological steps to transform it from market to table can be quite tedious and strenuous. Therefore, I aim to simplify these steps and method, in so doing easing the burden of cooking.

I will be sharing recipes of snacks, dips, starters, soups, main dishes, deserts, exotic baking, smoothies, party foods and drinks.

The recipes I make are not limited to the tropics. Having lived in the United Kingdom for over twenty-five years I have developed the act of food fusion- fusing African and Caribbean recipes with European recipes and recipes from other countries. I enjoy eating and cooking food representing other countries depending on my mood craving of the month. I will also share with you some fusion food recipes.

My hope is that more importantly, from the recipes and ideas I share, you will be made hungry enough to lead you straight into the kitchen – and please keep in touch.

Thanks for letting me share my passion with you. I look forward to hearing from you with any comments, questions or requests you may have. Preferably you can email me directly at contact@africanpot.com.